Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Daring to Dream

Today, Simone and I held an art class with the sewing students, their second art class. The object was to make three wishes, and to draw them or make them real in one way or another. Most chose to draw and colour in with coloured pencils and pastels. In advance of the class, Simone and Jeanne and I had all made our own three wishes and expressed them through drawing. It was an interesting exercise and reminded me how pleasurable it is to draw, even when there is absolutely no talent involved whatsoever (aka moi!).

My three wishes were as follows: one, that my children did not live so far away from me, but regardless, they are the recipients of my enormous and undying love; second, that someday I can play the piano again with some ability; and third, that I become a really excellent quilter, especially in design. I did a separate drawing because John was not in this picture, because my wish for him/us has already come true – we are together. But he wanted to be in the picture so I made one just for him, a wish we have long held together – that we grow old together and beautifully expressed by the sundial we have in our back yard: "grow old with me, the best is yet to come."

We introduced the topic to the class, showing our sample three wishes. I was the fairy godmother with my magic wand, granting each one of them three wishes. I was actually amazed at how quickly they all rushed out into the garden and porch to find a quiet spot to work. They beavered away for a good hour. Then it was time to gather up their things and go home. I have included a picture of some of them hard at work.

Judging by their enthusiasm at the start and their chatter at the finish, I think they found it really fun. I don’t know whether or not this exercise awakened any deep desires they might have held. But without a doubt, their modest dreams are lovingly, faithfully and sometimes childishly drawn onto paper. A home. A partner. A family. A car. Education. A sewing machine. Faith in God. A garden. As they left the centre, I could swear their sweet laughter came from hearts that were lighter for having expressed these desires openly.

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